Field Freesia

Ton Vreugdenhil has 30 years of experience in cultivating cut-Freesias and is well known for his successful varieties ‘Ton sur Ton’ and ‘Ton’s Ten’.

In mid-January Ton introduced a new product: Field Freesia. Field Freesia is a new genetic line of pot-Freesias that remain short naturally with their compact and sturdy growth habit.

Field Freesias are available in 3 colours, mixed in a tray with matching sleeves.

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Ton Vreugdenhil Freesia Nursery

We have a modern, environmentally friendly ‘green label’ greenhouse which allows us to produce high-quality freesias all year round.

Transparency, Reliability, Innovation and Effectiveness are important concepts at Ton Vreugdenhil.

Ton Vreugdenhil has 35 years of experience with cultivating freesias. Continuous innovation is essential when striving to deliver a constant supply of top-quality product.